Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What states have marijuana legalization on the ballots for November?

Every 5 minute commercial break has 5 political commercials, there are billboards on your commute to the office, and your neighborhood has lawn signs on practically every front yard; this is the reality of Election Day getting closer. With the November elections coming up in less than 2 months, Americans are getting the full force of political campaigns. Along with voting for your new public officials, there will be a number of initiates on the board to legalize marijuana.

Currently, Huffington Post has a list of 15 states that will vote on the matter in November.  Each state votes on its own plan to legalize medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.  With legalization allowed in two states now, there is a growing industry.  Not only has legalization raised tax dollars for the state governments of Colorado and Washington but there has been less petty crime in Colorado. 

Many people believe that there will not be a huge turnout in November this year because it is not a Presidential year.  In 2016, many people think that more Generation Y’s will turn out to vote for the next President.  A lot can change in two years, and even states that aren’t even considering legalization of recreational marijuana might have to start considering it in 2016, especially since we all know things can change very quickly. 











New York


Rhode Island

Washington, D.C.

With 15 or more possibly voting on legalization of recreational marijuana, you have to wonder how many will pass?  In ten years, how many states will have passed this law? 

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