Saturday, September 27, 2014

Essential Pre-Pregnancy To Do List

If you are just starting your TTC Journey, here is our complete essential pre-pregnancy to do list.  

Along with this list, we also have a board on Pinterest and a Tumblr with our most popular pregnancy hacks (Insert shameless plug here) 

Also here are some of the most helpful links on the web that you should browse:
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What to Expect – 8 things to do before getting pregnant
And from the Center for Disease Control – Preconception Care

We also have included the list below as a printable on our Google Drive that you can download yourself, print out and have it with you at all times! 

Diet and Fitness:
       Get down to a healthy BMI between 20 and 25
       Start working out at least twice a week
       Start wearing yourself off of alcohol
       Start skipping the caffeine

       Find out when you ovulate
       Have sex!
       Consider charting down your basal temperature
       Stop smoking, drinking, and get help if you need it
       Get on prenatal vitamins
       Get off the pill- it could take up to 4 months for it to clear out of your body

       Start saving now and plan a baby budget
       Consider buying items you may need in bulk using coupons and storing them away for use later
       Have a talk with your partner about your financial situation

Doctors and Checkups:
       Call your health insurance company to look into options
       Talk to your doctor about genetic testing 
       Schedule a preconception checkup with your OB/GYN
       Make a list of questions for your doctors
       Get immunized

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