Saturday, September 13, 2014

Organizing the paper monster!

With school back in session you are bound to start getting more and more paperwork.  With each child in school comes flyers, permission slips, reminders, worksheets, pictures from school, art projects, and many drawings and writing assignments.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed especially when you need to start remembering extracurricular activities, test dates, spelling words, and field trips. 

We have scoured the internet (mostly Pinterest) to find the best ways to organize all of this paperwork. 

The Binder System:  From our favorite organizing blog, I Heart Organizing, Jen put together these adorable binders for her boys for elementary school.  Read all about it on her blog here

The File System: The binders above can easily get full and if you don’t want to end up getting a 4 or 5 inch binder for each child (That can get heavy!) try the file system.  This is what Jen from I Heart Organizing upgraded to after she found her binders not being able to support all of the artwork her sons had.   This method is simple, give each child a crate or box and put file folders in there for each year.  This method leaves plenty of room to expand in case your child ends up being the future Picasso or you can’t bear to throw anything away.

For Large Art Work (to be stored away): This art portfolio has a nice professional look to it and even has handles.  You could get one for each child and put all their artwork in it and put it in the attic or basement.  It’s slim so it could easily slide in between two shelving units to keep it from bending.  Downside: It is made out of paper so this is best for storing but not for traveling with. 

For Artwork (for display purposes): This large photo album from Amazon is 18” by 24” and is large enough to keep large art projects safe.  Perfect to have on the coffee table or a shelf to show grandparents and friends at a moment’s notice.

Framing System: How cute is this idea?  You shrink your child’s artwork and then mount in in a large frame.  Think about the possibilities? You could have all of your child’s elementary school artwork in one place!  This would look great in a great room or even a play room. 

Are you going to implement any of these ideas? Do you have any methods already in place? 

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