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2015 Baby Names

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Baby Names inspired by movies are continuing to be a spread including Elsa from "Frozen", Katniss from "Hunger Games", and Khaleesi from "Game of Thrones". 

2015 is coming up sooner than you make think. With every year that comes and goes so do a few baby names.  Each couple wants to pick a baby name that they love and is unique, and that will grow with the child as he or she grows up into an adult.  Besides picking a baby name that you love, you also want to pick one that isn’t the most popular name so your child doesn’t end up being the fifth Caitlyn (or Kaitlyn, Catelyn, and Katelynn) their biology class or in my case the fourth Rebecca in one French class. 

Chris Franck, an assistant research professor in statistics at Virginia Tech, with help from his new name predictor can predict how a name will rise or fall in the next 25 years by examining the performance of earlier names that followed similar patterns of popularity. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve there are two major points to consider in a name:  the present popularity of a name and where it is in its popularity cycle.  The popularity of the name can be found using information from the Social Security Administration which publishes lists of the most popular names using the data from Social Security Cards. Currently Noah is the most popular boy’s name and Sophia is seated at the top of the girl’s names.  Though what is popular now, might not be popular in a year.  

“Like stocks, hot names can stay dominant for a decade 
or flame out after a year” – Time Magazine.

The model works by looking at previous names that have followed the same popularity cycle.  The model looks not only at the last past decades but into the beginning of the 20th century. 

If you want to read more about this baby name predictor please click here to readthe article from Time magazine.   

Using the baby name predictor, we have put together a list of our top picks for 2015. 

Top Boy Names:

Top Girl Names:

If you want some more ideas for baby names consider reading The’s top 25 “rules”when picking out your name.

Do you have your names picked out? 
Do you have any names that you absolutely love or hate?  
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