Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bi-Weekly Bump- Week of December 26th

The Chicago School District is in big trouble after alleged pregnancy discrimination

Find out which celebrities are pregnant and expecting in 2015

What would you do if a waitress refused to serve you because you were breastfeeding?

Must read for anyone who plans on having some spiked eggnog this year while breastfeeding

The Irish Government is looking at a young woman’s case who is brain dead and is being kept alive for the sake of her unborn child while the family wants to pull the plug

Kristen Bell gives birth to second child and you will never guess what they named their baby

And you thought breastfeeding was hard, this one mom did it for 3 years with triplets!

Apparently America helped get an imprisoned Cuban spy’s wife pregnant
Look at these celebrities are their bumps during pregnancy

Read our best 3 things to do before you try to get pregnant 

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