Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Giving Guide- The "Difficult" Person

If you want to DIY:

Olive Oil Infused with Rosemary and Lemon – because who doesn’t love olive oil, you could even throw in a fresh loaf of bread if you have the time

Pineapple Cutting Board – perfect for all the hosting people do this time of year

An Ornament (made out of corks, clay, or fabric)  – perfect gift if you have kids that want to help with the gift giving

If you want to PURCHASE:

Cards – You can buy a nice set of homemade cards from craft fairs and online shops like Etsy. They are all homemade with love and the receiver can use them throughout the entire year

Kitchen Gadgets – You can get them the newest kitchen gadget, a pump for your lemon juice, maybe a spoonula. Wrap it up with a cookbook and the gift is good to go.

Donation to their favorite charity in their name – This is perfect for anyone who says they don’t want/ need anything and they truly mean it 

What do you give to someone who has everything already? 

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