Friday, October 3, 2014

Can men have pregnancy symptoms? Apparently- Yes, they can!

In her interview with Jimmy Fallon in June, Mila Kunis kindly pointed out that couples do not become pregnant.  A woman becomes pregnant with help from a man.  Her interview, shown in the YouTube video below demonstrates Mila’s true feelings toward men who say that they are expecting. 

What Mila probably didn't know is there has been a new medical phenomenon known as Couvade Syndrome or a semi-phantom pregnancy for men only. Symptoms include morning sickness, sore breasts, back pain, fatigue, and the ever-famous food cravings. 

The Washington Post writes that Couvade symptoms “follow a chronological pattern, beginning in the first trimester of pregnancy, before temporarily disappearing in the second and then re-appearing in the final trimester. They can even extend into the period after the baby is born.

While the syndrome primarily occurs in developed countries all over the world, the number of new cases in those countries varies. Several studies have found an incidence of between 25-52% of all men with a pregnant partner in the US; 20% in Sweden, and an estimated 61% in Thailand, though this includes mild to extreme symptoms such as the physical ones above. The incidence in the UK is unknown, but estimates in the 1970s put it between 11%-50%.” -- The Washington Post 

So yes men are not pregnant and will never give birth but they still might experience some of the symptoms included in pregnancy.  Are there any men out there who have had Couvade syndrome?

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