Wednesday, October 1, 2014

25 Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby

By Nicole H.

Some people just "know" when they're ready to jump onto the parenting bandwagon, while others get very subtle…or not so subtle…clues that it's time to toss the birth control in the garbage.  We've come up with a few signs to help you figure out if you're ready to start your brood. The more you check off, the more you know you're ready to go.

1.        You can be presentable to the public in less than 5 minutes.
2.        Your pet has become the focus of one too many pictures that include a binky.
3.        Stuffed animals start looking cuter and cuter (and you start buying them).
4.        You've used candy or chocolate to resolve more than one conflict.
5.        You're excited to buy a baby shower gift because it gives you an excuse to go into Babies R Us.
6.        Three Men and a Baby, Parenthood and Baby Boom make repeated appearances on your TV screen.
7.        You try pickles and ice cream to make sure you don't like them.
8.        A part of you is disappointed when Aunt Flow shows up.
9.        You've given your dog a birthday party (and decorated heavily for it).
10.    You enjoy making faces at babies to get them to laugh.
11.    "A Baby Story" suddenly becomes good weekend entertainment.
12.    The holidays seem boring with presents in tiny boxes.
13.    You start wondering if your place has always been this small.
14.    You've mentally taken note of all the sharp corners and breakables in your home.
15.    You've decided it's time to get healthy!
16.    You think a pair of baby shoes makes a cute addition to the rearview mirror.
17.    You start playing the "What if?" game with your significant other.  i.e. What if our daughter comes home after curfew?  What if you catch our son cutting class?
18.    If you see a cute baby outfit in the store, you buy it.
19.    A pregnancy scare doesn't seem so scary.
20.    You think, maybe a mini-van isn't so bad…
21.    You've started collecting your favorite childhood Disney movies (and watching a few).
22.    You find yourself mentally calculating what month it will be in 9 months from now.
23.    You've found yourself wandering through the toy isles.
24.    You've asked to diaper a friend or relative's baby because you thought it'd be fun to practice.
25.    Nostalgia has taken over and the My Little Ponies have come out.

What were your signs when you thought you were ready to have a baby? 

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