Monday, July 14, 2014

SurePredict Guarantee

Here at USHealth Tests and SurePredict we know that sometimes tests are faulty.  This is because of natural human error, a slight manufacturing flaw, or bad dye in the test itself.  We are committed to make sure you have a beneficial experience with SurePredict which is why we are offering a 100% replacement guarantee if any of the tests fail you.  

 If you have instructions regarding our tests: 
Please read over all of our instructions carefully.  If you lost your instructions you can download them here on our website. If you still have questions you can call us Monday through Friday at 
511-866-TEST-NOW or email us at 

If you experience a bad test: 
 If you have received a bad test please call us at 511-866-TEST-NOW or email us at  Please have your order number, where you ordered our tests from, the date, and your personal information when you call so we can verify your order before we initiate the replacements.  If you do receive a bad test please take photos for us before you throw them out. 

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