Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All players clean in World Cup Drug Testing

With the World Cup officially up and running for the past few days we are just now getting the results for all of the players drug tests. It was announced before the World Cup began that all the players would be getting either urine, hair, or a combination of all drug tests.  

FIFA says all 800 players that have given samples in its World Cup doping program tested clean so far.FIFA also says players chosen for samples after the first nine matches- including the Switzerland-Ecuador early kickoff on Sunday - tested negative.

The figures include samples from 91 percent of players included in the 30-man preliminary squads for the 32 teams.FIFA reported no problems getting blood and urine samples to the World Anti-Doping Agency laboratory in Switzerland.
FIFA's chief medical officer Jiri Dvorak says ''all worked well including the transport from Manaus.'' Italy played England in the remote Amazon jungle city on Saturday.

Dvorak says in a statement ''all samples arrived under 36 hours in Lausanne and were processed within 24 hours.''

WADA revoked the Rio de Janeiro lab's accreditation last year.

This article was originally written by Fox News.  You can read it Here.

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