Monday, August 18, 2014

Bump on a Budget- Week of August 18th

Signing up for email lists can be great; you can get coupons, free samples, and lots of valuable information.  However if you sign up for too many emails you run the risk of getting your information sold to other companies and then the 5 emails you signed up for daily become 50 or 100 emails. Before even getting pregnant consider creating a separate baby coupon email using Yahoo or Gmail.  If you get too many emails you can simply just ignore them or close the account when baby comes.  You also don’t have to worry about your personal account getting flooded with emails that you didn’t ask for and don’t want. … First time email subscribers get a 20% off one item in-store Savings Certificate

AmazonMom… If you have an Amazon Prime account join Amazon Mom for discounts on baby essentials

Enfamil… Free samples of formula and coupons when you sign up for Enfamil’s website 

SeventhGeneration… sign up for their email list and receive coupons for cleaning supplies as well as diapers!

Gerber’s Start Healthy Stay Healthy Program offers free 15-minute phone consultations with one of their board certified lactation consultants.  Just click here to make an appointment and choose "Breastfeeding Education".

Earth’sBest… has a separate promotions and offers tab on their website so check that weekly 

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