Thursday, February 27, 2014

Newborn Baby Pictures—Yay or Nay

Let’s face it, most parents fall head over heels when they meet their new babies.   All of the bad eating habits, crying and general fussiness is usually overlooked by their adorableness. 

Everyone has seen the Anne Geddes baby calendars that have been everywhere since the late 90s.  Newborn photography has gotten more exposure lately because of some of the awkward poses parents have put their newborn babies in.  With Pinterest being DIY central- most parents see a cute pose and think “Hey, I can do that” but most baby poses should not be replicated because frankly some of them are downright creepy. 

My case in point:  

Baby in a box surrounded by packing peanuts

 Scared baby about to start crying in a too-small wagon

And Finally some cute and not scary newborn pictures 

Baby almost sleeping with props reflecting his name, month and time of birth.

Another cute birth announcement! 

Bottom line: 

Don't squeeze your baby into a cowboy boot just because they fit 
Sometimes the simpler, the better
Don't make your baby wear ridiculous costumes-- no more headbands bigger than their heads

So my question to everyone-- are newborn pictures a yay or a nay? I would love to hear what you have done with your babies for photography? 

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